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RBB Needs Your Help!

As we all know we and all other brass bands have been unable to rehearse together indoors in our usual band halls for the past year. For years we have been squeezed in between 2 pool tables in the McMaster Centre, Renfrew. We can’t see us being back in there any time soon in the foreseeable future.

From the 17th of May a maximum of 15 members can meet up again and play outdoors (hopefully this number will increase in the months to come). If we stayed in Spain or the south of France this would not be a problem. We could rehearse outside as much as we wanted whilst getting a tan at the same time. Scottish weather is just too unpredictable to guarantee weekly outdoor rehearsals.

So, we are looking for your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for a suitable outdoor rehearsal venue for the band. Somewhere the band could meet weekly that is outdoors but with some sort of roof and preferably with lighting.

All suggestions are welcome! Please comment or message us.

Thank you


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