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Renfrew On Film - Take 9

We were thrilled to once again take part in 'Renfrew On Film' in Renfrew town hall. An evening of archive films, new films and special guests where 'Renfrew' and its people are the stars of the show. Renfrew's Bascule Bridge turned 100 this year and we were all treated to a special video to celebrate its centenary and its designer, Sir William Arrol.

This was the bands 9th year in providing the backing music to archive films of Renfrew back in the day. This can be a challenging one in picking the right music to go along with the various video clips which include shipbuilding, trams, the old Renfrew airport, highland games, royal visits and so on. The duration of the music also has to match the video length. As always our MD, Mark Good, always gets its right.

This is always a great opportunity to see Renfrew back in the day and its rich past. We're always proud to take part.


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