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RBB Bonus Ball

We run a monthly bonus ball draw to help raise funds for the band and also to make one winner Renfrew rich! Half the money raised goes towards band funds and half goes into the prize pot.

Bonus ball numbers range from 1-59 and cost £5 per number. The draw is based on the last Saturday Lotto draw in each month. If no one has purchased the winning bonus ball number then the prize money rolls over to next months draw. Don't miss our special Easter and Christmas draws!

You can find available numbers on our Renfrew Burgh Band | Facebook page. If you are not on Facebook but would still like to play, click on the SOCIAL section of our website. You can scroll down until you find the bonus ball post in the feed where you will find available numbers and payment details. You can also keep the same number each month if it's available.

Good luck!


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